Delivery Plans

Beneath is an overview of how we created
the initial 2 year plan for Northwood Together 

You can also access our new delivery plan for 2016 - 2019.


Delivery Plan 2014 - 2016

​The steering group consulted with local residents and service partners through questionnaires, conversations and meetings. All the information produced from this was drawn together by a consultant and a Plan for the first two years was created.

We commissioned a professional plan writer and she met with us to draw together the ideas and needs discovered through consultations. Visual minutes were made by professional recorders/artists which were later made into a large banner. 

From this the plan writer put together a detailed financial plan which was submitted to Big Local office for approval. Big Local sent an assessor to interview us and check on the plan. Once process was completed we were notified in January 2014 that our plan was approved and that the first tranche of money would be released.


Delivery Plan 2016 - 2019

Following on from the first delivery plan, the Board went onto create their second delivery plan covering their work from 2016 upto 2019.

The Board are currently working on their third delivery which will cover 2019 to 2021.

Once the plan is finalised it will be available on our website.

You can access a copy of the plan by following the link below: